Jef Vlamings


This résumé is not about me, it's about you. You're looking for a certain type of employee and I'll try to do my best to prove I can be that employee.
Choose 6 favorable abilities to find out if I'm your guy!

Fast learner

Fast learner

I like to push myself to go out and explore new grounds. Because of my quick learning ability I am capable of producing something that is up to standards fairly quickly. This made me into someone who will always try to impress his environment even though I haven't mastered it completely. For that reason I am confident that I can be employed in a lot of places.

Time manager

Time manager

If I'm working on a project I always have a detailed to-do list in the back of my head. I know exactly which tasks should have the highest priority and which will take the most amount of time. One of my strongest points is that I can maintain an overview of all the tasks while focusing on the one I'm working on.
Bonus: I'm always on time!

Peak performer

Peak performer

Deadlines are great. From the moment I am forced to finish something in a certain time span, I know I will be at my best. The simplest solutions and the most elegant ideas come to me when I'm being put under (healthy) pressure. Since I love to show others what I am capable of, I developed a great sense of responsibility to always try to deliver my best work.



As a certified teacher I experienced what it's like to talk to large audiences and how to address information in such a way that everyone understands. I learned that I am good at improvising and that I can quickly adapt to different audiences. I have proven to handle both a critical (e.g. professors) and an uninterested (e.g. adolescents) public very well.



I am not someone who constantly needs to hold hands to learn something. Everything I know about web development I have learned through autodidactism. I know what it's like to jump in a completely new environment and work my way around one way or another. In college I learned to distill the core information first and to expand my knowledge from there.

Team player

Team player

I love to work in teams. I believe team work can make you a better professional since it is one of the few moments in your life you'll get to be criticised. Although I hate that people point out my bad parts, I always respect someones opinion. As a soccer player I know what it's like to know your place in a team and to do your best in function of the group.

Idea bringer

Idea bringer

I am constantly thinking about possible improvements and try to reason why things are the way they are. It causes me to always have more ideas then I got time to work on them. Mostly it comes down to making the right choices. Balancing between idealistic and realistic is what I do best and for that reason I believe I can be an added value to any team.

Problem solver

Problem solver

Only recently I started to learn how to program and I love it. Programming for me is not about executing ideas, it's about solving problems. As you are writing an application you constantly bump into new problems which could mean you have to rewrite half of your code base. I find it very satisfying if I can find the most elegant solution to a very difficult problem.

Curious George

Curious George

The constant need to try and find out how stuff works is embedded in my genes. I have always been curious about how computers work. And the more I found out about them, the more I got interested until I got to the level of building websites and applications. I've got the feeling I have only seen the tip of the iceberg and I'm very eager to find out what's beneath.

Mr. flexible

Mr. flexible

Nobody has ever portrayed me as a dictator who wants to do it his way or the high way. I like to exert influence on someones opinion but I am also very indulgent and willing to cooperate on another one's idea. I am easy to work with and I never pick a quarrel just to prove my point. For that reason I have never found it difficult to join an existing team.



I am my worst critic. Before I have even start working on something I already found out what will and what won't be good about it. My habit of remarking little details on everything (e.g. "that restaurants logo needs better kerning") hasn't improved my social life but definitely made me more conscious in my professional life. I am what you could call a "fusspot".

Mistery ability


Tomorrow is a mystery. Every year or so I found out more about myself. Of all the listed characteristics there are probably twice as much I still have to find out. I think it is one my strongest points to be able to adapt and improve drastically over a short period. Therefor I believe I have got a lot of potential to become a renowned person in the business.

Technical skills

I've mastered a wide variety of skills that cover a lot of aspects of web design and web development. Some of them I use on a daily basis, others I haven't used for at least a year. To give a sense of what I now know and master I present each skill with in a roughly outlined graph.



Javascript, jQuery, AJAX


Codeigniter (MVC)

Database SQL (MySQL)




R statistical programming

Git / SVN

SEO, Semantics


MS Office


The purpose of a degree is to show others what you're capable of. It doesn't show what you're passionate about nor does it tell anything about what your best at. Therefor I believe that a certificate is about what you can do, not about what you should do.

Science teacher

Master degree in science education

June 2012

In June 2012 I graduated with a Master degree in science education. This 1 year program involved a lot of internships in public and private school where I was pushed to the limits of my flexibility and social interactions with all kinds of people.


Master of Science in Biology

June 2011

I graduated in 2011 as a Master of Science in Biology. In these five years I learned to think critically and found out how to cope with a lot of information. I graduated with distinction, proving I've got what it takes to become a PhD. Nothing less, nothing more.


Due to my 6-year long education I haven't had the opportunity to work in an applied environment. All relevant experience is based on personal projects and challenges. The last two years I've been active in several exciting projects which are listed beneath.

Snepic logo

Side projects

June 2012

I love to try out different technologies so from the moment I've got some spare time I jump into one of my side projects to test out some new things. Altough some of it was never meant to see the light of the internet, it now has a place online. On my projects page you'll find a selection of my sideprojects where you can play with. I hope you enjoy it!

Chrome logo

Chrome extension developer

April 2012

After a quick introduction in Javascript I accepted the challenge to build my first real application. Loop is a Chrome extension I developed which I use on a daily basis. It's a playlist that loops through your favorite YouTube videos which you can add or delete from the list. For this project I mainly used Javascript, HTML5 (localStorage), CSS3 and the Chrome extension API.

Wordpress logo

WordPress theme developer

August 2011

In the summer of 2011, a local sports club asked me to do a redesign of their website. I concluded that they needed a CMS to provide content, so I build a WordPress based website from ground up. A lot of time went in the design process to try and match the atmosphere of the club with the look and feel of the website. This project involved the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Maps API, Wordpress and CSS3


I'm an active Internet being. You can find me on pretty much every popular web service online. If you want to be kept updated on my interests and projects, I advice you to follow me on Twitter or any other service listed beneath



In 2011 I started blogging about my experiences in web development. Although I am not a frequent blogger, I'm getting quite a lot of attention from fellow developers. Some of my posts did very well and got shared over 6000 times. Because of the warm reactions from the web community I wish to continue blogging for many years.



I enjoy my time on the computer as much as I enjoy doing something more active. Football has been a part of my life from when I was 6 years old and I never stopped loving the game. If the football season is over, I tend to go out and run some miles to stay in shape. Besides football I'm pretty much open to any sport as long it has some action and competitiveness.



A few years ago I developed a passion for traveling. I love to go out and explore new countries and cultures. For me traveling is about discovering beauty and submerging yourself in other cultures. As I'm not the type to travel for very long periods I try to compensate it with shorter higher quality trips to try to achieve the same level of experience.